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Write It Down


I’m finding that the older I get, the more important it is for me and the more value I see in taking the time to write things down. This documentation allows me to go back and review/renew my thoughts. Thoughts are preserved for recollecting and refreshing and ideas have a chance to blossom when put aside for a time of rest. I hesitantly wandered into the Facebook Notes forum initially, which allowed me to share important information with friends and family from a distance. However, I decided I needed to continue to learn and grow with the social media tide and move forward by venturing into blogging.  Who would have ever imagined during my childhood in the 1950s that I would one day take to cyberspace to share my thoughts? The world continues to change and sometimes we must change with it, or we are left behind. This is one of those times for me. I will still send hand-written thank you notes, say “yes, sir/m’am” and “no, sir/m’am” to my elders, and hold the door for anyone approaching as I exit; but as far as this social media trend is concerned, I will play along for now, jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride. It’s good for me to exercise my synapse connections every chance I get and, who knows, someone else might even broaden their perspective as they peruse the blogosphere. I’m hoping it will serve me in recollections and research and possibly, by chance, serve someone else in the mean time. Here’s to new and exciting adventures in blogging!

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  1. […] I’ve always encouraged parents to enjoy every age and stage with their children. Each one holds unique growth and development and we can’t imagine the next being as wonderful. The truth is, every stage is magical because the treasures that are our children are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and when we see them, we see God’s miracle of birth in the flesh. Still, I understand the longing to soak up every step, every word, every expression, every laugh and every turn of the corner as we witness our little children grow and develop into the people they were made to be. Enjoy this beautiful song and Happy Mother’s Day. First blog post […]

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