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Fundamentals of Education

I came across an article today that thrilled me . . . at least the content of the article thrilled me. This informative message is about a new law passed by Congress, The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which replaces No Child Left Behind (NCLB). It calls for making available to every student a “well-rounded” education. It will include the arts, social studies, science, foreign language and physical education, rather than focusing on language arts and math in order to teach to high-stakes tests. This concept is not new and many of us working in Education have harped on it for years: Teaching to the “whole child”, Arts-based curriculum, multiple intelligences, differential learning, etc. I’m thrilled to see the wheels of change beginning to move, albeit very slowly. The content of this article is exciting! My issue with this article is the mistakes I saw as I read it. Mistakes made by the author. How can we discuss the value of a quality education, yet settle for grammatical and spelling errors when writing about it? I’m not even comfortable posting this article on my Facebook page, because of the mistakes. Sure, there are only a few, BUT THEY ARE MISTAKES in spelling and grammar! It’s like I tell my college students when they say, “This isn’t an English course, why are you counting off for spelling?” My reply? “You are going to college to become a TEACHER. As a teacher, you will model for your students in everything you say and do. You need to be able to write correctly.” I’m disappointed we have reduced correct spelling and grammar to “grammar Nazi” comments. Why is it out of line to expect excellence? SU-AS-Liberal-Arts-Value-graphic

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