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SMART Parts Book Series, Book 2

Well, it’s that time again! I have finished my second children’s book and sent it off to my fabulous illustrator, April Bensch. My SMART Parts series continues by focusing on each of the intelligences or “SMART Parts”, individually, through a character introduced in the first book. Book 2 spotlights Will and Word SMART. It shows how Will uses this dominant intelligence to work on developing some of his SMART Parts that aren’t as far along.  It’s important to remember we all are born with every SMART Part and we have the ability to develop them to their full potential. Isn’t that great news!?!? This is the original painting of Will’s page. I love page 19 Willthe way his friends are reacting to one of his riddles! You can see Emme and Jimmy are baffled, but it looks as though Maggie may have the answer! Will is modeled after my son, Will. He is definitely Word SMART and has a great time sharing jokes, puns, riddles, and funny stories. Will is also an accomplished presenter. He is an HR Specialist with Billy Casper Golf, Inc. and is called upon regularly to present information to staff and train new staff members. I’ve seen video of some of Will’s presentations and they are quite entertaining! His command of the English language gives him a wonderful advantage in communicating with others, whether it be official presentations or familiar conversation. pages 24 and 25.jpgThis illustration shows Will working on his Body SMART Part, or body/kinesthetic intelligence. Will loves to play basketball and he golfs, both of which are wonderful ways to strengthen his Body SMART Part! He also water skis and roller blades when he can.Will golfingAlex's photo shoot3

Another way Will works on his other intelligences is through music. He has become Music SMART through his own focus on learning to strengthen his musical skills. Will plays drums, guitar, saxophone, and electric bass. He also has an awesome bass voice.

Will playing guitar

The illustration of Will is taken from his “bowl cut” days, as a child. It is very accurate as a depiction of him. He chattered away as a baby and toddler, talking and singing throughout his day, every day. Yes, Will is truly Word SMART. Here he is enjoying his 2nd birthday.2nd birthday 2

Watch for the next book, Will, the Word SMART Wizard! It should be out shortly! I’m excited to share this second book in the SMART Parts series with you and introduce you to TWO NEW CHARACTERS! In the mean time, check out the first book, Ellie Rae Discovers Eight Ways to be SMART at

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